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The Ogden Cemetery is located at 6790 East Horton Road, Ogden Township (Blissfield), Michigan. 


The cemetery is accessible during daylight hours. Opening at dawn and closing at dusk. 

Clean-Up Schedule

The groundskeeper will clear all flowers, blankets, wreaths and other items off of grave-sites ANNUALLY on April 1st, and October 1st


For the full list of rules for the cemetery, please visit our ordinance section for the most up to date information or see below for the updated rule list and fee schedule.


Cost for a single burial site is $200.00 for residents of Ogden Township, and $450.00 for non-residents of Ogden Township. Additional fees are associated with opening/closing for burials, and pouring headstone footers.


For additional information regarding the cemetery, please fill out the form on the Contact Section

Ogden Township Cemetery Rules

Ogden Township Cemetery Fees

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